Join us as we organise a learning expedition in Barcelona from the 1st to the 3rd of March 2021, to visit the first European 5G open laboratory. 

Learn from the Mobile World Capital about the implication of the 5G, the first wireless technology designed to serve all sorts of new different segments.


You want to:

– Join the Mobile World Congress 2021, the largest mobile event in the world, in one full day of guided and personalized tour.

-Discover the leading 5G hub of Europe with a whole day on-site visits, in small groups, meeting experts and participating in workshops

-Get inspired by 5G Barcelona, an open and global laboratory for the validation and adoption of 5G technologies and applications through tests in real environment in the city 

-Get best practices, discover cutting-edge digital technologies, create long-lasting relationships with executives with the same interests. 

-Save time and enjoy yourself during 2 inspiring days!


Far more than just a business trip, this learning expedition is once in a lifetime opportunity to get involved in a wide range of “hands-on” experiences and interactive activities that you won’t find anywhere else. This intimate and exclusive event is reserved for up to 6 executives, so don’t miss out and reserve your place today!

Why Barcelona?

Host of Mobile World Congress

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It is the largest mobile event in the world, assembling the latest innovations and leading-edge technology alongside today’s most influential visionaries. More than 109000 attendees (59% holding senior-level positions) and 2400 exhibitors. Among the topics to cover in 2021:  Industry X (challenges, opportunities, scalability and limitless potential of IoT and digital transformation) & Connectivity (5G Era, how this next generation of networks will form the basis of wide-reaching value creation and economic impact). 

We will pre-select the workshops & events with the people who count, and give you a personalized and guided tour during the day.

First European 5G open laboratory

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As a result of the collaboration of the agreement between Orange and 5G Barcelona, the operator makes the 5G spectrum available in the city, as an open environment for experimentation to any local or international institution that needs to test the latest Internet of Things technologies and validating 5G research.

District 22 (Innovation District)

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Launched in 2000 as one of the most ambitious urban renewal projects in the world to transform the historic but rundown industrial Poble Nou neighborhood into a technology and knowledge-driven economic powerhouse, through five knowledge-intensive clusters: Information and Computer Technology (ICT), Media, Bio-Medical, Energy and Design.  Since its birth, more than 3500 businesses have moved here.

It connects both the international and local communities by creating physical and social networks to facilitate collaboration, capture talent and develop a sustainable business ecosystem.

Smart City for the citizens

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Barcelona has a long reputation for being at the forefront of urban technological innovation: with a network of 500km of optical fibre, free WiFi and sensors to monitor air quality, parking spaces and waste bins, the city has become one of the leaders in the Internet of Things.  But now, the city wants to “rethink the smart city from the ground up, meaning to rethink technology, focusing on what it can do to serve the people”. The city authorities encourage citizens to participate in planning policies through a hybrid process of neighborhood meetings and online consultations. Barcelona is enhancing its own transparency, developing an online map and register of vacant properties and rentals as part of its drive to improve the supply of affordable housing – this encourages business to develop products and services using city networks and data.


Basic Ticket:

2,000€ per participant + VAT (includes facilitation for a  personalized tour  and guidance during the MWC and on-site visits of Barcelona’s digital ecosystem)

Deluxe Ticket:

4000€ per participant + VAT (includes MWC ticket & the personalized tour  and guidance during the MWC and on-site visits of Barcelona’s digital ecosystem)


For group ticket, contact us at laura@innovationiseverywhere.com

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